Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Wolf's Pewter Priestess

It's release day!!

Michele and I are so excited to bring you The Wolf's Pewter Priestess! Also, we have setup Darkness Rises to go on sale for 99cents. As soon as the link is live, we will announce it! On to the better stuff though for now!

Put to an easy death the irredeemably damaged...

Clara Fitzpatrick has come a long way since her birth. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, no one expected her to live, due to her rare deformity. After an attempt on her life, by the Baron Samedi, her mother puts her on a boat to France, to live with a distant cousin. There, she met Dr. Olen McDermott and began the process of transforming Clara Laveau to Clara Fitzpatrick.

Ezra Blakely, Pinkerton, and werewolf hadn't come to London to stay. Sent on an assignment to bring back a suspect to the States to stand trial, Ezra is bitten by a "mangy" dog, changing his whole life. Now, as a member of the Dreadfuls, Ezra spends his evenings lurking in the shadows defending London and destroying the things that go bump in the night.

Together he and Clara are thrust into a supernatural situation neither one of them are prepared for. Caught between lust and duty, these two will come up against their greatest foe yet.

Can Ezra save Clara once more or will duty to his pack and the Dreadfuls get in the way?

You can get your copy today at the following distributors:

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